The Gaby Braun design

We love Gaby Braun, she's the dearest gorgeous mom, graphic designer and beloved friend! She's super talented and has this strength of kindness that is so rare. As a founder of CAMOTE & CO, I had to make a tough call to pause the shop because pandemic hit us hard with distribution. Gaby Braun was the person who responded to the idea of bringing something fresh and unique to CAMOTE. Our stories started in Sydney, when we did visual art college together. We painted and painted and made it to do our exhibitions together. 

This unique collection is inspired by what we experienced during the pandemic. This season has been challenging to many of us. It got us thinking about life and it gave us the opportunities to hear interesting thoughts and personal stories from our close friends and loved ones during the challenging times. We thought, okay let's design something that bring forward the values and messaging behind this. 

Hence, across our new collections, you'll see bold colours, patterns and graphics reflecting the personal journey. We chose two themes of colour pallette and brought the designs to life. 

"Ocean Meets Sunset" and "Desert Meets Wildflower".

The depth of the ocean reflects the enigma of a journey and the desert means an endless duration . By all means, the sunset and wildflower reflect hope (and all kind of goodness) in the life journey.

The most interesting part is, each graphic applied was hand drawn, crafted on paper before transferred into our series of swimwear.

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