Copy of About us

Hi Ladies,

We're launching our new collections with total new look. Pandemic hit us hard and for over a year we had to close our store, said goodbye to many wonderful customers and eventually started from scratch. We're looking forward to the future and thank you to all who have supported us! 

What's behind our new campaign?

During the pandemic, we think deeply. We think about things that matter. We want to bring collections of apparell that showcase meaningful and genuine values. We are a tad naive, we know...We just want to spread the message of 'goodness' because simply we can't resist not to. 

So this is Who We Are and What We Believe 

Women come in diverse beauty (in different shapes, colour and volumes).

Kindness is a strength, not a weakness.

Femininity should be celebrated.

Courage is built over time.

Confidence happens behind close doors.

Forgiveness becomes true belief.

Hope is a true light that shines one's path.

Gratefulness frees the soul and mind

Unconditional love wins

In case you wonder, CAMOTE & CO is committed to support social justice and community projects in developing countries. We are pledging to contribute partial of our revenue to support social justice project in Australia and globally.

Most of our products will be shipped between  2 - 3 weeks. Bear in mind if you live in regional areas you might expect potential delay. Please read our policy carefully prior to committing to purchase any item. 

Thank you for stopping by and hope you find something you love!

Kindest Regards,