BATIK Series

Batik is a Javanese word. 

The word may derive from the Javanese words amba ('to write') and titik ('to dot'), or it may originate from the Proto-Austronesian root *beC*k ('to tattoo'). Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria are among the countries that have traditions of batik making; However, Indonesia's Batik is the most well-known in the world and has a rich history of heritage. 

Indonesian batiks, made on the island of Java, have been influenced by a variety of cultures, resulting in the most developed patterns, techniques, and quality of workmanship among the batiks. You would see batik's design applied to Balinese textile.

Our series here are influenced by the Balinese batik design. You will see patterns of frangipani flowers, hibiscus flowers, bird and fish patterns. All of these combined with rich color with a twist of modern illustration. 

For this particular collection, we've partnered with a swimwear textile printer in the North Carolina, USA to bring the collection to life.