Coral "The Peace Story"

"Forgiveness becomes true belief, she forgave others not because they deserved it but because she deserved peace." 


 What's behind our campaign?

During the pandemic, we think deeply. We think about things that matter. We want to bring collections of apparell that ties with meaningful messages. We know some ladies out there believe in this or need to hear it. We are a tad naive, we know...We just want to spread the message. The universal meaningful things across our collection. 

So this is Who We Are and What We Believe 

Women come in diverse beauty (in different shapes, colour and volumes).

Kindness is a strength, not a weakness.

Femininity should be celebrated.

Courage is built over time.

Confidence happens behind close doors.

Forgiveness becomes true belief.

Hope is a true light that shines one's path.

Gratefulness frees the soul and mind

Unconditional love wins