PATTERN | by Gaby Braun

The Pattern by Gaby Braun

The story

It was mid-2021, during the Sydney pandemic that the conversation with Gaby took place to re-breathe CAMOTE & CO (after our close had to close down for a year). We both went to visual art college together. We had done 2 paintings exhibitions in Sydney. This is our savored collection - reflecting the values that we hold dearly. Out of our friendship, we birthed stories. Some call it quirky. Some call it witty.

The Pattern by Gaby Braun is our artistic swimwear collections inspired by the personal journey and individual stories. Across these collections, you'll see bold colours, patterns and graphics reflecting meaningful messages. We chose two themes of colour pallette and brought the designs to life.

"Ocean Meets Sunset" and "Desert Meets Wildflower".

The depth of the ocean reflects the enigma of a journey and the desert means an endless duration . By all means, the sunset and wildflower reflect hope (and all kind of goodness) in the life journey.The most interesting part is, each graphic applied was hand-drawn, crafted on paper before transferred into our series of swimwear.

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