Summer Hair Beauty - Beware of sea salt water

Even if you spent hundreds on your holiday wardrobe, or mastered applying your beach makeup without a mirror, post-sea hair can ruin your glamorous look. 

When you shimmy off the beach for a cocktail after spending the afternoon in the sun, your hair that is frizzy, lank, frazzled and dehydrated won't do you any favours. 

A beach day can leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. The only downside is that you may also end up with damaged strands if you are not cautious. How do you take care of your hair after a swim in the ocean?

The truth is salty water dehydrates your hair, it leaves your hair completely dry and bristle. We all have different types of hair, but if you already have a dry hair, a frequent trip to the rockpool won't help!

(1). Ensure you wash your hair with fresh water after you leave the beach. Either at the beach shower or straight at home.

(2). Moisturise your hair frequently. Do you know that coconut oil does wonder to your hair? I am an avid user of coconut oil, being of Indonesian heritage, this is something my mother has passed on to me. See how coconut oil could help maintain your best hair.

(3). Put a masque on your hair prior to the beach. Yes, I know it sounds mad - but trust me it works. Put coconut oil or morroccan oil prior to your beach trip. It does make you hair smell good after all. 

(4). When you get home - Wash your hair slowly. Apply conditioner or hair mask and leave it for a few minutes. 

(5). Detangled beach hair - If you are going to brush or comb through your hair, make sure your hair has been properly conditioned first. Conditioner makes it easier for your brush or comb to "glide through your hair without tugging or snapping. To minimize damage and breakage, use a wide-toothed comb while your hair is still wet.

(6). Protection is key. Put a cover on your hair - a summer hat or a beach umbrella will protect you from the direct exposure of the sun. We understand we all want some tan line, but hey keeping your hair and skin protected is also a priority. 

Hope you like this tip! Enjoy summer. 

Sara, avid user of coconut oil and founder of CAMOTE & CO


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